Those Empty Nest Blues

Those Empty Nest Blues

By Sara Asgard: posted 20th June 2023 

I am musing today about the way empty nest syndrome comes in waves at unexpected times, you have those acute times when you wonder just what the point is anymore, especially if you are a single parent empty nester, and don't have a thriving career oh the bleakness of the quiet house! Watching your precious off- spring making their way from a distance (all those Instagram posts). I myself have had times when I feel that I have got it all together, I'm ok, I'm proud that my son is doing well, and then there are other times, when I sink into a deep black hole of loss, wondering what to do with myself, it can seem crazy to other parents who are perhaps more pragmatic, but being a dreamy Cancerian, I tend to look back a lot, find myself going through old photographs, perhaps going over things I said or did that I wish I had done differently because there is no press and repeat button.

At the end of last year my sons father died at an early age, and even though we parted company many many years , ago, it affected me on so many levels, made me even more aware of time being fleeting and precious. So I say to those of you that live a long way from your kids, maybe it is ok to move nearer if it makes you feel better?! Don't listen to those that say, "Let go, " yes of course we let go, but life can be awfully short, so do what will make you feel happier NOW, you may not see them more often, but if you are suffering where you are, moving on yourself could be a good thing. That is what I plan to do!

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