Mothers Matter

Mothers Matter


Mothers Matter is a workshop for any Mum that is struggling with overwhelm, because it seems to be getting so much harder to just be a Mum! So much expectation and judgment sound familiar? In these workshops mum's will find a safe place to express fear, frustration, loneliness, and feelings of failure, and get tools to build themselves up again, appreciate themselves and, relax. These workshops have helped so many women in the last 20 years. Sara was inspired to create them when she had her son, and they can be held in nurseries, village halls, offices, in fact any space where a group can gather. Soon to be a new online course!

Consists of 4 modules:

  • Healing Ourselves – overcoming the loneliness and isolation
  • Confidence and empowerment – you can do this!
  • Dealing with empty nest syndrome – the grief and loss
  • Reclaiming who we are and learning to be a Mother and a person again

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