Sara Asgard

Sara Asgard

Owner and Creator

Sara is a renowned Trainer, Coach, Public Speaker, Writer and Online Educator. Her career has taken her from Media Sales Executive, on publications like, Cosmopolitan, Readers Digest, The Times to International Trainer and speaker, beginning that part of her career with Euromoney. She has designed and trained many, many courses. When she was a salesperson she specialized in launching new media opportunities, like Health and Beauty Digest. She has run training and coaching in retail, health and beauty, wellness, media, publishing, IT, and recruitment. All of her training is underpinned by psychology, utilizing her skill as an NLP trainer and an EFT practitioner.

She has run confidence building workshops for Mothers and Empty- Nesters. She is now focused on bringing her expertise to a wider audience, cutting away anything extraneous to bring courses that are relevant, useful and helpful and get results.

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