Zak Asgard

Zak Asgard

Zak graduated from Bristol University with a degree in English and Philosophy, whilst there he co-wrote, produced, and performed an original theatre piece called The Cult of McIntyre. He also had a regular slot on Burst Radio, and his play “Monologue” was performed at The Tobacco Factory in Bristol.

He is now a freelance writer having published 5 articles so far in Times2 in the last 6 months – My Hell Serving Bottomless Brunch, Broken Locks and a Gun Under a Bed: My Life as a Property Guardian, My Father Called We Hadn’t Spoken for Four Years – Now He Was Dying, Gen Z – My Friends Are Too Worried About Getting a Job to Think About Sex, Help I’m a Hypochondriac !

Also, he is a regular contributor to The Spectator online Life section having published the following articles – I escaped from Totnes, but only just, There is nothing scarier than a Panic Room, The worst open mic night of my life, Crocs V Birkenstocks: the great clog divide, Nothing beats the great British Caravan holiday, The despair of Deliveroo, Hell is a Christmas Market, There’s something sad about Sandbanks, America has warped our minds.

He has also just finished his first novel! Phew! Yet despite all of this he is still a member of the team, and ready to give advice to aspiring writers.

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